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A new bio-stimulator that contains polynucleotides which aids in skin renewal and bio-restructuring. It tightens and lifts skin from the cellular level, while increasing skin's elasticity, antioxidant and hydration levels.  

What is Nucleofill? 

Nucleofill is a new biostimulator that works at the skin's cellular level - providing lifting, antioxidant and hydration effects. Containing 100% polynucleotides, it bio-regenerates the dermis and encourages long lasting skin rejuvenation and reconstruction. 

Lifting Effect

Nucleofill improves skin laxity by stimulating the skin to produce type I collagen and elastin, which thickens and lifts the skin.   

Strong Antioxidant Effect

Nucleofill's chemical structure is capable of eliminating free radicals in the skin, protecting the skin's collagen fibers and prevents skin damage.  It improves skin tone, texture and elasticity by targeting areas of skin that is exposed to oxidative stress. 

Deep Hydration Effect 

The intense hydrating ability of polynucleotide gel diffuses water molecules to the different layers of the skin, ensuring a deep moisturising effect from within. 

Other benefits include less injection points as Nucleofill is specially designed to be administered via a 5-point bio-restructuring technique for deep bio-remodelling plus lifting effect. This technique also helps to stimulate the cell membrane receptors within the deeper layers of our skin, leading to the reawakening of our skin cell's original functions and allows an additional lifting effect to be achieved. 


It's heavy molecular weight (2500 kDa) reaches deeper into the skin and degrades slower, allowing results to be longer-lasting. 



Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Will Nucleofill Last? 

On average, the effects of Nucleofill can last at least 6 months. (Results may vary depending on skin conditions) 

2. What is The Procedure Like?

Before treatment, numbing cream will be applied. The doctor will mark out the areas to be injected and proceed to perform injections to the desired areas.  

3. How Long Till I See Results? 

You will see results almost immediately, and the full results can be seen after 1-2 weeks. For longer lasting and moresignificant results, it is recommended to receive the treatment once every 30 days, for at least 3 consecutive sessions. 

4. Are There Any Side Effects or Downtime? 

Some patients may notice bumps on their skin which usually lasts no more than 7 days. 

5. Am I a Suitable Candidate? 

Nucleofill is suitable for anyone who is looking for an anti-aging treatment and youthful skin.  People with the following conditions will benefit from this treatment:


  • Dehydrated Skin

  • Stretch Marks

  • Scars

  • Loose Skin with Poor Circulation

  • Skin Submitted to Oxidative Stress  

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