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Maybelline Beauty Review : Cheek Filler 


by Maybelline | 26 March 2014

Happier and Fuller Cheeks with Dr Matthew Yap



As much as I am happy with my current look, there is no reason not to make it even better.



Aesthetics enhancements not only help one to look better, but also reverse the signs of aging. In my previous consultation with Dr. Matthew Yap, he told me that I would look better with fuller cheeks so I went back to him for cheek fillers!


Let’s go!


The fillers used previously on my chin and nose were none other than Juvederm. For my cheeks this time round, Dr Yap will be using Juvederm as well.

It is said to last longer than other fillers. Dr Matthew told me that the fillers on my nose and chin would last me for at least 6 months to a year!

It contains- Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance which can be found in the human body. And the chances of developing allergy Juvederm is very low as it is not derived from animal tissues.


Do you know that saggy cheeks can cause one to look even older than one’s actual age? What is worst is that lines would start appearing on the cheeks and this is more often than not, more noticeable in women than man.

The cheek lines would start to appear below the eye area first, before leading down to the cheek areas.


The benefits of cheek fillers are that it can instantly lift your cheeks and restore the lost volume. They are useful for restoring the shape of the cheek where the signs of aging often begin.

FYI, injection fillers also stimulates the skin to produce its own collagen!

No one is too young to talk about anti-aging. Cheek fillers are also good for people who have rather flat cheeks.


My side profile reveals my flat cheeks along with a tiny sharp nose and chin, with credits to the previous fillers done with Dr Matthew Yap.


Waiting for the numbing cream effect to take place….


And finalllyyyy, onto the huge comfy chair. I was feeling neither nervous nor scared because I knew that the pain score would be close to zero.

All I was anticipating was the end result.


Making marks on my face….


Injecting the fillers….


Massage, rub and cooling the next injection area…


and I am done!

Fast, painless and non-invasive! Looking good in less than 45 minutes! (Including the consultation, and waiting time)


A girl is always happier when she is prettier. And happiest when she looks younger than her actual age. 

Dr Matthew Yap also provides other treatments or services like CoolSculpting, Facelift, Facials and more.

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